Gary Shoats Enjoys Spending Time With His Kids

Gary Shoats loves spending time with his family and his kids. He enjoys spending time outdoors be it a picnic, bonfire or camping. He enjoys treks, mountain climbing, and hiking with his kids. Whenever he is stressed or needs time to refresh himself he takes off for a hike with his family. By doing so he not only feels energized and fresh, he also gets to spend quality time with his family. It is a great way to rejuvenate and teach his kids more about nature and outdoor activities.

Gary Shoats enjoys hiking a lot and so does his kids. He feels that it is the perfect getaway, in a peaceful environment, with no worry, pollution, and stress. He feels that one should plan outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking among kids so that they spend more time outdoors than watching TV or playing online games. Planning regular trips to different places is also a great opportunity for kids to learn new things about the place. He encourages them to keep a journal to write about their experiences and things that they learn. They can write about the people, culture, and food of the place that they visited.

Gary Shoats says that while he was young he explored many places with his family where he got to learn so much. He and his kids are very fond of scuba diving and he also enjoys it a lot. He makes it a point that once in a year during the summers he takes his kids to a new place where they can improve on their diving skills. They love the Caribbean Islands as they offer an incredible variety of landscapes with miles of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. It is a place that offers something for all divers at all levels. They have natural coral reefs, lava flows, marine parks, and whale watching that are enjoyed by all. He regularly plans such educational trips or vacations with his kids. These trips form a great vacation that is combined with a little learning. He feels that travelling makes his kids more confident as they get to meet and interact with new people.