Gary Starr

Gary Starr of Make a Stand, Inc.

About Gary Starr

Entrepreneur Gary Starr has undertaken numerous leadership roles throughout his career. He currently serves as chief operating officer of Make a Stand, founder of Eggasus, and partner with The Ship's Store. In charge of general operations and corporate strategy for Make a Stand, he enables the San Rafael, California, firm to aid children in need across the world through the sale of beverages. For Eggasus, Gary Starr has created egg-shaped and bottle shape and other customized vehicles for competition, auto shows, and Hollywood movies. The Ship's Store on San Francisco Bay attracts tourists from around the world with its marine antiques and novelties.

Starr’s inventions have ranged from solar devices and cars to electric scooters and trucks. More than 125,000 of his designs have been manufactured. Gary Starr was previously involved with electric vehicle pioneer ZAP. Through ZAP, he and his team built the Alias, a vehicle that achieved 124mpge. A finalist at the international XPRIZE, the car also obtained an innovation award from Borg Warner, Inc.

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