Gary Vorhies - Deepening Your Leadership Skills

Regardless of the profession, honing your leadership skills will naturally help you achieve your goals in the workplace and open up more opportunities for advancement. Gary Vorhies of Wyoming, a sales representative working for a Canada-based oil drilling company, knows that with the desire and proper techniques, anyone can be a leader. He recommends considering the following pieces of advice to those who are committed to becoming leadership models in their industries.

  1. Be the example. At all costs, remain a positive and solutions-based force in your place of employment. In any company or organization, both minor and serious problems will arise that require level-headed and calm attention. For those working in teams, developing strategies that will enhance the work of each team member will improve both the quality of work and morale.
  2. Request feedback regularly. The greatest leaders still take the time to reflect on their work and interactions, and reflection is necessitated by asking what you can do better. Consider the concept that you have more to learn, no matter how high up your position is, and take this feedback humbly.
  3. Be an active listener. Speaking less and listening more will help you manage even the most stressful of situations gracefully. By understanding the communication styles of those you work with, you can present information in a way that will ultimately solve problems more quickly and efficiently.

Gary Vorhies is dedicated to taking on leadership roles in his organization and supporting the work of both his clients and colleagues.


Gary Vorhies

Gary Vorhies - Making the Pitch

In the sales world, perfecting the pitch, your initial attempt to sell to a buyer, is essential to your professional success. Hooking your client and proving that your product is a good fit takes skill and practice. Gary Vorhies, an esteemed sales representative based with a Canadian oil drilling company, knows the importance of this first impression and shares the following guidelines with fellow sales professionals to craft the perfect pitch.

  1. Talk with your clients instead of talking at them. Present your information in a way that engages and empowers your clients. Consider beginning by asking questions and gathering more information about what your customers need and want.
  2. Do your homework. Entering into a sales opportunity, you need to gather as much information as you possibly can about your prospective client. Use organization-specific language in your pitch. If your potential buyer has a website or any professional print materials, study their language and use it as much as you can during your pitch. Showing that you’ve made a commitment to prove exactly how your product can best serve the entity will ensure that your client feels valued.
  3. Present a plan for the benefits your product will provide rather than spending your time discussing the details of basic functions of it. Focus on selling a vision that will help enhance the work of your buyer.

Gary Vorhies is a member of the American Petroleum Institute and looks forward to advancing the scope of his sales. He lives in Wyoming with his two incredible dogs.


Gary Vorhies

Gary Vorhies - The Role of Sales Professionals

Gary Vorhies

As a professional sales representative, you are responsible for securing new business for your company while maintaining already existing business through company-client relationships. It is defined as an individual who conducts good business practices and has a sound knowledge of the industry. A sales professional is equal parts consultant, guide and customer service. The true sales professional is also known for his charisma, consistency, and integrity. Loyalty is a great trait for sales professionals that hopes to make an impact at a company for many years to come because companies will trust your intentions and dedication.

He is known for being hard working, determined, and dedicated to succeed no matter the challenge placed before him. He has worked hard his entire life in order to get where he is today, and he can appreciate the value of hard work just as well as anyone else in the business world today. He is a straight forward professional who values honesty as much as hard work and he are known for holding people responsible for their actions. Although he can be tough on his employees and the people he works with, he is the first to admit when he has made a mistake; he expects everyone to do the same.

Gary Vorhies is currently working as a professional sales representative for a major Canadian drilling company and thoroughly enjoys his responsibilities. He loves working for a major company in such a competitive field, and he hopes to climb the ranks to reach a position of esteemed leadership in the industry.

Gary Vorhies -A Strong Work  Ethic

Gary Vorhies

Gary Vorhies is a business professional working in the sales field who has experienced much success over the duration of his impressive career. Gary is one of those individuals who never hesitates to go the extra mile, to go above and beyond the call of duty to get things done. It is this very philosophy that has catapulted Gary to the forefront of his position, as he has begun to spread his influence at his work place. Gary says that the success he has experienced throughout his career is simply a result of hard work and dedication, not some inherent talent or field that he was born into.

Gary Vorhies  says that though everyone is born with a skill that they are better predisposed to, that the distinguishing factor between being good or bad at something is simply about how much you are willing to sacrifice and put into something that you love. Gary says that though passion for a craft certainly will help you dedicate yourself to it, that it isn't necessary to become good at a craft. Gary says the sole determining factor and predictor of skill is the persons work ethic and ability to commit themselves to something. Gary says that if you have the discipline to do that you can achieve pretty much anything, conquering any challenge that may come your way in life.

Gary Vorhies says that if you wish to succeed in life, all you really need is a strong work ethic, and the rest will fall into place. Gary says that too often people get caught up in a negative spiral, setting distant goals that they feel they will never reach, which causes them to lose confidence and give up, which in itself prevents them from succeeding.

Gary Vorhies - Sales, Working Along Side Marketing Professionals

It's easy to assume that Sales keeps the lights on, and it's mostly true. In reality when working at a company that is going through hyper growth you will see various different departments who play key roles in your sales cycle and success. Departments can always vary in size and even their names. You'll find Engineering, IT, Support and Marketing are all unique but must be lockstep in order to help the company deliver successful campaigns. Marketing can also be known as product marketing or the product team. The roles can vary from demand generation, PR/AR, marketing automation, product marketing, event marketing, field marketing, social media and so forth. These are the components that keep the glue together and enable Sales to have the Intel necessary to drive successful sales deals. Just like raising a child, it takes a village and to raise a company from the ground up it will take all of the manpower and resources available to the company.

Gary Vorhies is dedicated to the overall success of his career in the petroleum industry. He thoroughly enjoys working for a major Canadian drilling company as a professional sales representative. Gary works well in a team-oriented environment or on his own independently; either way, his goal is to achieve success in his career and for the company as a whole.

He is a motivated professional who understands what it takes to start from the ground up. Gary Vorhies has the reputation for being honest, hardworking, diligent, and perseverant. He is currently working within the highly competitive industry that is petroleum, and he is dedicated to working his way up to a leadership position for his company.

Gary Vorhies

Visit a City that is Rich in History and Culture. Visit Pensacola, Florida

The state of Florida has many splendors to offer any and all tourists who want to visit. Pensacola is a city that has a history rich with different cultures. Sitting at the westernmost point in the Florida Panhandle, Pensacola is home to the Pensacola Bay, a Naval Air Station, and the main campus of the University of West Florida. But it also holds a history steeped in many diverse cultures.
This city is unique in that it has always been under some form of government since 1559, a time when the Spanish Empire used the Bay as a port for colonization. Until then, the only inhabitants were the native Muskogee people. The city has gone through five different governments since then, hence the reason it carries the name "The City of Five Flags". While the Spanish were still in Pensacola, the French had ties in the city as well. They were there until the Spanish ceded the Florida Territory to the British, but during the Revolutionary War, it was later conquered and turned back over to the British.

It wasn't until 1821 that it would become a part of the United States territories, but was not made a state until 1845.This was changed again later when Florida joined the Confederate States. When the Civil War ended in 1864, Pensacola was once again a part of the United States, and has stayed that way ever since.

Gary Vorhies was born in Pensacola, and stayed here just a few years before his family moved. He may not have spent much time here as a child, but he knows his history is in this culturally rich city.

Donating to Local Charities Benefits Everyone Involved

Donating both your time and money to local charities is one way to give back to the community that you live in. Sometimes people fall on hard times and rely on their local charities and food banks to get them the food and clothing they need to survive. By donating whatever you can to them, you are helping those in your community who could use it the most.

Many communities have some of the same charities, such as the Salvation Army, Red Cross, food banks, and more. These organizations take your material donation or money and use it to help families and individuals who are struggling. There are also organizations that have a particular focus, such as cancer awareness. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is a great organization to donate to because your money will go toward cancer research. The same can be said for St. Jude's and other cancer awareness foundations.

If you are looking to donate your time, there are plenty of charities that allow for volunteers to come in and help. Food banks like people to help sort food that is brought in, and the Salvation Army does something similar. Churches always like volunteers that will help serve food from soup kitchens. All of these are great and easy ways to donate to local charities and fulfill your desire to help people.

Gary Vorhies is a huge supporter of local charities, and he often donates money to some of his local organizations. He also sponsors a team that walks for breast cancer awareness.

Gary Vorhies

Open Your Mind under the Open Skies of Montana

There are few places you can visit in the United States that seem to have endless horizons and as much open sky as you could imagine. Montana is one of these places. The fourth largest state in terms of size, Montana has rolling fields, snow-capped mountains, prairies, and a whole lot more. There is so much space to explore in Montana; you will never grow bored. While it is rich in space, the population is sparsely strewn across the state, barely reaching a little over a million residents. This lends for plenty of open space, less pollution, and more areas of untouched land.

Montana is home to many national and state parks, those which are full of local flora and fauna. There are parts of Yellowstone Nation Park in Montana, and actually three of the five entrances to the park are found in this state. They are also home to the National Bison Range and Glacier National Park. The amazing thing about this state is the fact they are home to glaciers and bison, all within the same boundaries.

Much of the land that is not serviced by the National Park Service is farmland, and many people find the urge to retire there and live off the land. With plenty of room to do it, they can live a quiet life. Gary Vorhies, while not retired yet, lives on a small farm in Montana and enjoys every minute of it. He and his two dogs love being outdoors in the fresh air and enjoying the quiet calm of the big state.

Gary Vorhies

The Best Kept Secrets from People who are Successful in Business

Being successful in business can seem like it is a secret. But there are many people who can attest that it is not so much a secret, as it is a lot of hard work and dedication. There are no surefire ways to make it to the top, but you have to know just what it is that you have in you that will help you make it to the top. Some people are not aware of their talents, and that can hurt them. But if you make sure to use the talents you know you have, you can be successful in business too.

Gary Vorhies, who is a sales representative for a Canadian drilling company, knows just what he has to do to be successful. He has taken the values he learned as a child and put them to the professional world. He is loyal, hard-working, and dedicated to making sure the company succeeds, so he can feel that he has succeeded as well.

Successful people know just how far to stretch themselves in the workplace to make sure they are working to the best of their abilities. Getting out of your comfort zone is a great way of seeing just what you are truly capable of. Without trying, you will never truly know if you can do something.

Another great secret is to use your intuitions. Do not always rely on facts and numbers. Having a good intuition can help you make the decisions you need to, without thinking too much about it. Sometimes, the best outcomes are those that are made by the gut and not fact.

Gary Vorhies

Gary Vorhies - Committed to His Career and Giving Back

Gary Vorhies is a highly dedicated and highly motivated individual who is determined to make a name for himself in the petroleum industry. He is currently a member of the prestigious American Petroleum Institute and has been proud to call himself a member for the last four years. He has the reputation for being a hard working individual with the drive to succeed no matter the challenge placed before him. Gary has had a great deal of experience in the petroleum industry, and he hopes to use his experience to climb the ranks of his current company all the way to a top leadership position.

Gary Vorhies is currently working as a professional sales representative for a Canadian drilling company near his home in North West America, an area of the country where he has spent most of his professional life. He thoroughly enjoys the work he does for his company and being able to secure new business for their long term future.

Gary has great people skills and a savvy business acumen that allows him to create new business while securing already existing client relationships. He understands that when it comes to peoples wants and needs, a sales representative is responsible for securing those needs while alleviating the consumer of any doubts regarding the services offered. He is not one to accept excuses, but only solutions and he will be brutally honest in any given situation whether it is a matter of business or of a personal nature.

Gary Vorhies not only committed to the future of his career in the petroleum industry, but he is also committed to the career of his company as a whole. His hard work and dedication to the job will not only elevate the status of his personal professional life, but it will also elevate the already existing status of his Canadian drilling company. His clients trust him with their business and will continue to look to him in the future for their petroleum needs.

However, Gary Vorhies also believes in giving back to his community as much as he believes in working hard to secure the success of his professional future. He is always willing to help those in need and is known for giving back through a number of philanthropic endeavors including children’s charities and breast cancer research foundations. He was also awarded by Wells Fargo Bank in Denver, Colorado for saving a person’s life by administering CPR in July of 1988. He feels called to help save peoples’ lives whether it be through a charity or in person.

Gary Vorhies

Gary Vorhies - Committed to Achieving Professional Success

Gary Vorhies is nothing short of an expert when it comes to business and securing lucrative business ventures for major companies. He is known for being hard working, determined, and dedicated to succeed no matter the challenge placed before him. He has worked hard his entire life in order to get where he is today, and he can appreciate the value of hard work just as well as anyone else in the business world today.

Gary is known for being a straight forward professional who values honesty as much as hard work, and he is known for holding people responsible for their actions. Although he can be tough on his employees and the people he works with, he is the first to admit when he has made a mistake; he expects everyone to do the same.

Gary Vorhies is currently working as a professional sales representative for a major Canadian drilling company and thoroughly enjoys his responsibilities. He loves working for a major company in such a competitive field, and he hopes to climb the ranks to reach a position of esteemed leadership in the industry. As a professional sales representative, he is responsible for securing new business for his company while maintaining already existing business through company client relationships. Not only is he known for conducting good business practicing and having a sound knowledge of the industry, but he is also known for being extremely loyal. His company can trust him to get the job done and get it done right the first way.

Gary Vorhies is an expert when it comes to being a sales representative for a major company. His dedicated work ethic and ability to work well with others have made him an asset to every company that has hired him on their sales staff. Not only is he committed to the success of his career, but he is loyal to the company itself, and he is equally dedicated to their success as well.

However, Gary Vorhies is not just dedicated to his professional career. He is also dedicated to giving back to his community through a number of philanthropic endeavors. He is an advocate for breast cancer research and regularly sponsors a walking team that walks to raise money for the benefit of finding a cure for breast cancer. He also enjoys working with children in various capacities including financial donations to a number of children’s charities. He is dedicated to making the world a better place through one act of service at a time.

Gary Vorhies

Gary Vorhies: Maintaining Health

Gary Vorhies believes strongly that your mind can only be as strong as your body, and that your bodies’ well being directly effects your spiritual one. It is for that reason that Gary always takes a careful and measured approach to nutrition, diet and exercise. Gary says that diet and exercise should be pivotal parts of your daily routine. In modern day society, as fast paced as it is, it is easy for most to believe that they simply don't have the time necessary to dedicate themselves to a proper fitness routine, and consistently eating nutritious, home cooked meals.

Gary says that this could not be further from the truth, and that being healthy and active are not nearly as time consuming as most believe. Gary says if people only use a portion of that free time, even just thirty minutes to an hour, dedicated to personal fitness, they would feel much healthier and happier.

One of the keys to overall well being, Gary Vorhies says, is eating nutritious, unprocessed whole foods. Gary can't stress enough how terrible processed foods are. The problem with processed foods is that during their reshaping, they are stripped of much of the vital nutrients, making them empty calories, ones that will inevitably be used to simply store fat. That is why Gary encourages eating out as little as possible to everyone, as nearly all fast food is processed, and to cut down on bad snacking. Gary says that eating a diet high in lean meats and low in simple carbohydrates is the key to a better body and mind set. Gary also believes that once you try a whole foods approach, you'll realize it's what people were simply made to do.

Gary Vorhies

Gary Vorhies: Football Fanatic

Gary Vorhies is a lover of competition, a man who believes that the friendly spirit of a game like football has helped mold America into the great nation it is today. Gary loves sports, especially American football and specifically the NFL. Gary says that football embodies all the spirit of America and capitalism. Gary says that healthy competition is how a nation forges a strong and healthy economy, as it encourages people to find what is bigger and better, moving on to the next big thing. Gary says that the same is true with football, as it encourages players to put their best foot forward, improving everyday to expand their skills and push the envelope of human endurance and physical and psychological boundaries.

Gary says that the desire to win is what has catapulted America into being one of the richest and greatest nations in the world, something that the game of football embodies perfectly. Gary also enjoys the game because of the level of dedication these professional players put into perfecting their craft, never settling for second best, something that he admires deeply. Gary loves to watch football because of all of the stories that erupt from the game as well, each player and franchise, coach and dynasty has legacies on the line that can only be settled in one place, on the gridiron.

Gary Vorhies loves football for many reasons, including its family friendly atmosphere and competitive nature. Gary says that he can hardly think of a better way to spend an afternoon than with a few friends in a stadium cheering for your favorite football team. Gary says that though he loves to see his favorite teams win, that he prefers just seeing a close game with good sportsmanship.

Gary Vorhies - Second Amendment Rights

Gary Vorhies

Gary Vorhies, an entrepreneur and sales representative working for a prominent Canadian drilling company, is a deep believer in both the wisdom and foresight of the American Constitution. As a proud citizen of the United States, his pride and patriotism are impossible to miss. Whenever he has a chance to give back his time or resources through volunteerism, sponsor a local sports team, or lend a neighbor a helping hand, he takes the opportunity because he knows that this is one simple way he can repay the kindnesses his country has afforded him. Its citizens’ inalienable rights are set in stone, and he can’t imagine a greater gift to return. In short, this giving back is one of the fundamental building blocks that makes America such an incredible place to live.

Gary Vorhies is dedicated to helping provide America’s children with a brighter future, but he has numerous concerns about the country’s political landscape and subsequent effects on future prosperity. As time goes on, numerous politicians and political parties wish to redefine and reinterpret the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, calling into question many basic promises that were provided by those who laid the law of the land. Gun rights, a contentious topic on a national scale, is one example of a right that is an absolute guarantee to American citizens. In the current political climate, the right to bear arms with the sole purpose of creating safer communities is at stake. If Second Amendment rights are violated, this could have a disastrous effect both on America’s economy and wellbeing.

Naturally, one of the most important elements of ensuring that our communities remain safe is by continuing to implement rigorous gun safety information and classes for both children and adults. All household guns should have the safety lock on at all times while not in use and be kept in a safe place out of reach of children. Citizens have the right to feel protected in their communities, and with the numerous acts of violence in America’s schools, cities, and beyond, it’s necessary to be as cautious and prepared as possible.

Gary Vorhies lives in Greybull, Wyoming. He enjoys sharing information about what can be done as a country to walk boldly into the future by preserving these historical documents and values. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, photography, football, and spending time with his two dogs.

Gary Vorhies - Steps to Stay Safe on Your ATV

Enjoying the outdoors on an ATV is an enjoyable and exhilarating hobby, but taking the necessary precautions to ride safely is essential. Gary Vorhies, a sales representative and small business owner based in Wyoming, is an avid ATV enthusiast. He recommends that beginners consider the following pieces of advice to begin and continue riding your ATV with no risk of injury.

1. Before you even begin looking to buy an ATV, consider taking a safety course first. Ask for a recommendation from your local motorsports company and seek out as much information as you possibly can. Starting with education will help you avoid numerous beginner mistakes.

1. Purchase the correct protective gear. Make sure that you are buying the proper helmet size; you can be fitted for one at your local motorsports store. If you suffer an accident in which your helmet sustained damage, it’s imperative that you buy a new one afterward. No matter your skill level, a helmet is always a necessity.

2. When shopping for an ATV, be sure that you select a model that is a good fit for your height and weight. Riding a vehicle that’s too heavy or too light can be incredibly dangerous. If you purchase an ATV that is a single rider machine, don’t attempt to squeeze another person on it. Following the weight limits is safer for both you and your machine.

In his spare time, Gary Vorhies enjoys riding in the backcountry near his property. He encourages aspiring ATV riders to seek out as much safety information as possible.


Gary Vorhies