Scenario #1

My definition of BULLYING is when people be mean or do something to hurt you for example if someone in class is always calling you names or picking on you or hitting you in class they are BULLYING you.If someone did this to me i would respond by telling the teacher or an adult about the problem.If i figured out that someone was being BULLIED i would tell the teacher and try to help person out to stop it from happened again.Some of the behavors people would have if they were being BULLIED would be:they would be said all the time,they might not come to school no more,they could stay at home a lot not wanting to do anything.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is when people bully through online social website's for example like facebook,twitter,snapchat,instagram and many other websites and the people on them using the websites are being bullyed ever night by CYBER BULLYING!!!!!!!!!

Facebook Scenario #2

It will make the bullying even worse because they know that your not going to do anything.I could tell a teacher and someone about it like an adult.It is communitcated that you will tell if they bully so they probely want do it.