A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Marissa Garzini
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Dove: Real Strength
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Marissa Garzini

Commercials and advertisements have always been a good means of informing the public on new products. Many advertisements have went passed just informing the public about their product, instead they now try and tell a story through the commercials to draw a personal connection between the items being sold and the publics lives. In the Dove-Real Strength commercial they depicted a stereotypical relationship between a child and there father. I happened to have a great father, sometimes it hasn’t always as perfect like the movies and commercials, but he always understood me. Fathers and daughters tend to have different relationships than between a father and son but in the end, they just want the best for their kids.

I choose the Dove-Real Strength commercial due to the way they showed life events that many fathers go through with their children. Everyone has a different relationship with their parents, and especially their father. The commercial gave more than just the typical father child relationship, but showed the crucial moments in children's lives.

The Dove-Real strength advertisement begins with a child jumping into his fathers arms, then it proceeds to a child saying “dada” for what it seems like the first time. It goes on and on showing different father and son relationships to father and daughter relationship. Throughout this 30 second advertisement, the author of this commercial was targeting a male, audience that is serious about their family.

The creators of this advertisement was aimed for a target audience: fathers watching the Super Bowl. The Dove company has created many commercials that are intended for the fathers watching the Super Bowl. The only difference between the two commercials is their target audience, one is for females, with the feeling of empowerment and the other males, with the feeling of strength. The thesis of the advertisement was that real men love their families and Dove products. They do this by saying if you care for your children, then you should care for yourself; by doing this you would use Dove product, because that real strength comes from the relationship of a father and his child, and a father should always care for himself so he can protect his child.

The commercial appeals to your emotions by using pathos. They do this by opening up the advertising with a variety of fathers and their children in some of the most important moments of the childs life. Through the commercial they jumped from father to father, moment to moment. They don't stay on one moment for more than three-seconds making you initially connect with that particular moment. Each moment varies from: a daughter down the aisle on her wedding day to a son going to the bathroom for the first time.

The advertisement itself makes you feel emotions of joy and happiness, but it can also make a person feel regret and sadness. Overall, the author wants you to feel great happiness for the children and their father they do this by showing the happy moments of a father’s life by showing most important moments the child goes through with their father. They don't use any words other than dad or daddy. The music in the background is it upbeat song trying to make us feel joy and happiness. Every different scenario between a father and his child evokes an emotion or a memory. The scenario of a child jumping into his father's arms or his daughter crying in his arms. These emotions make us reflect back on to our childhood and the memories you shared with your father.

The author uses logos by showing care a father had for his child should be the same at the care for himself. In the commercial the father is always there when the child needs him most, making the viewer wonder what could happen if he missed those big moments in their child's life. Each moment in the commercial was the major moment for the child and the father by saying that's real strength comes from care they're implying in order to really protect your child you need to protect yourself. For example, every daughter imagines the moment at her wedding where her father and her do the father daughter dance. The logic is that ideal dads with lives full of joy are the kind of dads who prefer Dove.

By using the various ages of the children and the different stages of their lives they appealed to a broad audience. By using the father figures, they enact a feeling of comfort and memories of our own life changing memories. So if they are taking care of their children and themselves then obviously they care, not just for themselves but for their children. By doing this it makes them strong fathers.

The advertisement was an overall well executed commercial. The way they made you think about your own life, and make you feel joy for the children in the commercial was very thoughtful. I personally connected with the commercial when the child said “dada” for the first time. Growing up I was a stubborn child, never letting my father hold me and I refused to say dad until one day when I was three; my dad was ignoring me and I finally yelled “Dad!!”. He turned around so surprised to see me, from then on we grew closer and developed a great relationship. This one moment in the commercial made me reflect on my memories and the possible future memories I will share with my father. The various stories, the background music and the different stories each scene was showing helped portray their story to the end. If I was a parent I would want to be there for these major events in my child’s life and if all I had to do was care for my skin, as they depicted in the commercial then I would care for my skin.

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