Gas Cooktop Buying Guide - Things To Know

When it comes to safety, accuracy and speed, nothing beats gas cooktops. They are the first choice of chefs and housewives all over the world. Gas cooktops are a synonym of quality, efficiency and durability and that is exactly why many households are switching from electrical and induction to gas cooktops.

However, it is not an easy task to buy gas cooktop because you need to take into consideration numerous factors like shape, size, maintenance as well as other extra features. The instant heat control of gas cooktops enables you to capture all the flavours of your favourite dishes. Besides being functional, they also look good and have a great appeal to the eye.

While you a buy gas cooktop you will come across a great variety of designs and materials to choose from such as glass, enamel and stainless steel. However, pay great attention to details and keep in mind the following:


Decide beforehand whether you want to buy a rectangular or a square gas cooktop model. You need to measure your available space and see whether it is enough. Furthermore, keep in mind the regulations and leave at least 200mm on each side of the cooktop. Usually, the size of four burner gas cooktops is 600mm wide and the smallest ones are 300mm with two burners.


When you buy gas cooktop, look for a surface that has minimum dirt traps and it is easy to clean. The cooktop surface should be able to contain reasonable spills.


Look for burners that are spaced out so that you can use versatile cookware at once. Also, make sure your gas cooktop has small, medium as well as large sized burners.


The ideal knobs have a crossbar (because they are easy to grip) and a clear pointer. Also, they should not be too close to the burners nor trivets.


Pan supports or trivets should be flat and stable on the gas cooktop. Those with rubber feet will not scratch the surface and are less likely to move.

Extra Features

Before you buy gas cooktop, check whether it has some extra features which will greatly help you in all of your culinary dishes.

  • Fish Burner – designed for cooking in long shaped pans.
  • Teppanyaki Plate – this is a plate made of metal and it can be placed on the burners in order to sear meat on a high heat, just like barbecue.


To ease your cleaning, before you buy gas cooktop look for one that has removable parts. Usually knobs, grates and burner parts are removable and with the constant improvement and development of appliances, some of them are dishwasher safe. The smoothest and easiest gas cooktops to clean are those made from porcelain and stainless steel.

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