Self-Reliance: Can You Better Yourself?

By Kevin Cano

In order to enforce these aphorisms into my life, i plan to change the way i view the world and the way that i react to the aforementioned world. Hopefully, this will help me become a better person

One Today is Worth Two Tomorrows

Live your life the way you want to live it. Don't bemoan the mistakes of the past or fear the complications of the future, but rather live in the present.

I picked this particular aphorism because i believe that the present is twice as important as the future. While living for the future can be beneficial later in life, you will never be truly happy if you try to satisfy the needs of the future instead of the needs of the present.

I take my time to live. Instead of rushing through everything with the speed that is natural to the 21st century, I slow down and appreciate the smaller things in life, for example, taking my dog on a walk. I go farther with him than usual, and instead of taking him around the block, I took him to the park and around the nature trails. While this did take two hours of my day every other day, it helped me appreciate what i have more than just the usual fifteen minute, around the block, "walk". Now I not only appreciate my life more, but i take my time to fully enjoy all that life has to offer, making me happier and more mellow i guess would be the word for it.

I think that Franklin would have approved of the results of this plan, if not the methods. He was all for industriousness, and walking my dog for ten hours a week isn't exactly industrious, even if it is helpful to me as a person.

Anger is never without a reason but seldom with a good one

Anger is usually the wrong reaction to any situation. While there are exceptions, you should always try to remain calm and composed in the face of adversity.

I chose this because i struggle with releasing anger once it gets its hooks into me. If i can just take a second to calm down instead of fanning the flames with more thoughts of anger, i can and will better myself.

While not exactly quick to anger, I am known to have a fierce temper. To counteract this, i tried to spend a week without anger poisoning my mind. Whenever i did begin to experience this so-called "anger" i resolved to take three deep breaths, after which i would force myself to release the anger. I was moderately successful in that i took the three breaths, but I never was able to completely rid myself of anger. While I was not exactly successful, I did manage to purge myself of most of the anger plaguing me for a week, and will continue to take three breaths whenever anger rears her ugly head in my mind.

Benjamin Franklin would have approved of this plan. I believe so because he promoted keeping a cool and collected composure at all times. While he might have prescribed a different method of reaching said calm and composure, he would have agreed with my thoughts.

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