Health Care in 2025

The focus for this assignment is based on the Emergency Room wait times, and how technology will change the way they look in 2025.  The surveys taken below are based on predictions of the future relating to the module segment, Fast Forward a Few Decades (Millard, 2014).


We believe that there will be an app that can diagnose common symptoms, insuring you where you need to go, whether it be the walk-in clinic, hospital or family doctor.


Out of 20 students questioned, 17 students believe there will be an app on smartphones admitting patients right in the hospital.



20 Sheridan College students were asked what changes they envision regarding ER Health Care in 2025 due to technology, and these were the responses:

  • 2 students said that they vision some sort of robotics admitting patients to the required area needed to be administered proper care.
  • 3 students believed that there would be a rod sensor used by nurses that would determine if the patient had a fever or any other illness not seen by the naked eye.
  • 6 students felt that there would be some form of touch sensor/activator that would access all of the patient’s medical information, eliminating the need for paper work.
  • 6 students felt that due to the increased spread of contagious and infectious diseases, there would be some form of entry stall that a patient would need to enter before admittance to the hospital, determining if the patient needed to be isolated immediately rather than be admitted with other patients.
  • 2 students said that there would be some form of device on our smart phones that would assess and prescribe care needed for the symptoms the patient revealed.
  • 1 student felt that due to the glitches and errors found with technology, admittance in the ER would be the same as now ensuring proper patient care. She did say that due to the quicker performance in computers, technology would only provide a quicker response time than what we see now.


20 students were surveyed at Sheridan College, Trafalgar Oakville, on the wait times for the ER and here are their responses.

20 students were recently surveyed at the Sheridan College, Oakville Campus about what their vision was for health care in 2025, in regards to emergency room wait time.

2 out of 20 students believe that wait time will not have any change at all due to the simple fact that there have been and will be many cut-backs.

16 out of 20 students believed that wait times will be diminished by half due to the reason that technology is constantly getting quicker therefore, admittance will be more efficient.

2 out of 20 believed that there will be no need for front desk help because REGISTRATION will be accessed on their smartphone eliminating all wait times in the ER.


From the Globe and Mail article; Why the Future of Health Care Instead of having imposing, difficult-to-navigate monoliths that handle people after they have already fallen into a medical crisis, a new breed of MD like Dr. Turnbull is calling for a network of community health-care centres would host regular medical clinics as well as provide access to physiotherapists, social workers, dietitians, housing-support staff and other health professionals. Health teams would make house calls where necessary (Weeks.2014).


Mississauga / Halton Hospitals ER Wait Times

As of July - September 2014, the highest wait time documented in Mississauga/Halton, was at the Trillium Health Centre – Mississauga with a wait time of 13 hours, and the lowest wait time recorded was at Oakville -Trafalgar Memorial Hospital with a wait time of 3.3 hours (Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, 2014).


Here is an info graphic made to show how the technology will work hand-in-hand with health care in 2025.

With all the technology we have really the possibilities that are available for health care and other services in 2025 should be ENDLESS. The info-graphic above shows the different ways that technology will be used more in the future.



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