My Story

Both of my parents spent most of their childhood here in Logansport. My entire family is Caucasian. My dad did not complete high school and my mom went to college. On my Father's side we have family in Pennsylvania, I don't know them very well, and on my mother's side all of the family that i know of live in rural and suburban Indiana. My grandfather on my mother's side is a Baha'i and my grandma a christian. My family on my father's side . My family grew up in the rust belt. Most of my beginning years my parents managed at pizza places like papa johns or dominoes, but eventually they moved on to sell insurance. The company they worked for had us move to Columbia City, Indiana. The insurance company ended up ruining my parents jobs after they promised greatness, and we moved back here to Logansport. My mom and dad worked again for a while, but a few years ago my dad had to have a five-bypass heart surgery. .He can no longer work full time, so he gets a disability check every month. My mom works hard and she is rarely ever home, and my dad is always home, although he is usually sick and sleeping. I don't know where I stand in a political viewpoint, it hasn't been very important in my life, not as important as trying to make it to the next payday, the next meal.

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