Chinese Dynasties

Sui, Song, and Tang

The Sui, Song and Tang dynasties all had many great achievements. One of the biggest accomplishments for the Sui dynasty, was the Grand Canal. The Grand Canal is a 1,000 mile waterway that connected Northern and Souther china. Woodblock printing became a big thing during the Tang dynasty. Woodblock printing had words and letters carved into the wood. An achievement for the Song dynasty was gunpowder.

Here is a great website to learn more about the Sui dynasty and there accomplishments :

A great website for the Song dynasty:

And also, the Tang dynasty:

During the Song dynasty, a new method for small feet called footbinding became popular. Women would wrap pieces of cloth around there feet, and it would prevent it from growing. Footbinding is very painful and can make it hard to walk.

This is one of Sui dynasty's accomplishments. This is the Grand Canal of China.
Above is an example of a woodblock printing. This was an accomplishment of the Tang dynasty.

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For the video above, the information on the Song dynasty is from 2:00-2:30.