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Egypt's Flag

Life in Egypt

Believe it or not, Egypt is a very rich country, full of many people, approximately 86,895,049 of them!

The main language is Arabic, but don't worry, because English is known there as well.

Around 90% of citizens in Egypt are Muslim, mostly Sunni take up that part.

At Egypt you would probably be used to farming or something else in that area. Yearly, the rivers flood, giving rich soil to Egyptians.

The government type in Egypt is Republic.

Egypt, located in North Africa

Egypt's Geography

Capital: Cairo

Major Landforms: Nile Delta, Aswan Dam

Major Landmarks: Pyramid of Giza, Pyramid of Unis

Major Water Bodies: Nile River

Main Weather Conditions: Arid

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Culture, Government, and Economy

It's seemed like Egypt has had it's unique culture. Their main import is oil, and their main export is machinery.

Also, there's only one true main holiday. This holiday is Revolution Day, which is the celebration of Egypt's revolution.

Egypt's National Anthem is Bilady, Bilady, Bilady, or, My Country, My Country, My Country, as we know it.

The most valuable food source in Egypt is bread, but other popular foods are legumes, fowl, and kushari.

Citizens of Egypt wear clothes that cover their bodies, because they feel that bodily differences are of no importance.

Entertainment in Egypt includes sports, such as Football, Squash, and Tennis. The Egyptians also celebrate many festivals and carnivals, known as mulid.

One strange law in Egypt, is being imprisoned for not voting against your will.

A few famous people in Egypt are painters, like Injy Aflatoun and Ghada Amer. Other famous people are composers, such as Gamal Abdel-Rahim.

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