William Sherman's March to the Sea

"Glory, When all is lost"


Sherman’s March to the Sea was too severe because not only did his march scare the people of Georgia, his army had destroyed all sources of food and forage and left behind starving and dispirited people. I know that Sherman wanted to demonstrate power, but this was taking it too far. Even though he accomplished his mission, Sherman could have came up with a more strategic plan to wipe out all of the Confederate’s supplies. Instead, he left behind starving innocent people.

"Total Warfare"

An example of "Total Warfare" could be World War ll because their were 5 attacks on the U.S. 2 of those attacks were the Bombing of Ellwood Oil field and the Bombing of Fort Stevens. The bombing of Ellwood was when a Japanese submarine lobbed 16 shells at Ellwood beach. The bombing of Fort Stevens was when a japanese submarine made it's way through the Columbia River and fired 15 shells at the fort.

By: Kori Yelverton

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