The Salem Witch Trials

by Bella Lufschanowski

One thing I learned this year in history is information about the Salem Witch Trials. I learned that were started by 5 girls accusing the people in their small village, Salem, that were basically outsiders of being witches. Since their colony was a Puritan colony, everyone was very religious and these accusations were taken very seriously.The accused were tried in very unfair courts where they were not allowed to defend themselves and anyone in the courtroom could speak against them and tell lies about them if they didn't like the accused person. A lot of people were burned or hanged if they were accused. One way you could save yourself from being hanged after you were accused was accusing another person, which started a vicious cycle. One thing you can learn from the Salem Witch Trials is that you should never form a judgement of someone from just a small, possibly inaccurate piece of information. I thought that this was very interesting to learn about and really enjoyed the lessons on the Salem Witch Trials.

Chaos erupting, townspeople and judges argue over an accused witch in a classic Witch Trial in Salem.
Finger pointed at the judges, an angry woman accused of witchcraft defends herself in court.
Those convicted of witchcraft were burned at the stake, hanged, or executed

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