Asperger syndrome (AS) is a neurobiological disorder that is part of a group of conditions called autism spectrum Disease

How was it discovered?

first described in the 1940s by pediatrician, Hans Asperger, who observed autistic-like behaviors and difficulties with social and communication skills in boys who had normal intelligence and language development.

How does it affect pns and cns

"FLight or Fight"

The disruption leads to changes in the way the brain is "wired" to process information. The differences can lead to social dysfunction, self stimulatory behaviors and language problems. increased heart rate and blood pressure, sweating, dilated pupils and extra sensitive senses such as hearing and vision. While the ‘flight or fight’ response is vital for survival, if this occurs too often to the body as a result of chronic stress, there can be negative effects such as reduced protection from disease and infection, hypertension, heart, liver and kidney conditions and psychological


Is the disorder genetic?

People seem to believe that aspergers is genetically inherited, but it is not guaranteed. It tends to run in families but inheriting patterns are unknown.

Life Expectansy and Mortality

People with aspergers or really any autism spectrum disorder have to plan out even the little things because it is easier on them and you never know what will happen.

Behavioral/Physical Issues

  • paucity of empathy
  • naive, inappropriate, one-sided social interaction, little ability to form friendships and consequent social isolation
  • pedantic and monotonic speech
  • poor nonverbal communication
  • intense absorption in circumscribed topics such as the weather, facts about TV stations, railway tables or maps, which are learned in rote fashion and reflect poor understanding, conveying the impression of eccentricity
  • clumsy and ill-coordinated movements and odd posture

Cognitive Issues

Mind-blindness- unaware that others have thoughts, beliefs, and desires that influence their behavior,views the world in black and white, and is unaware that others have intentions or viewpoints different from his own.

Lack of cognitive flexibility-is distractable and has difficulty sustaining attention,poor impulse control,displays inflexible thinking, and are not capable of learning from past mistakes.

Visual Learning Strengths- learn most successfully through visual modes

Can it be cured?

No it can not be cured, but a person with aspergers can learn to cope with it. It affects the way the brain processes information which means a kid with aspergers has a long way to grow into an adult with aspergers.

Medications Taken

  • Lisdexafetamine
  • Risperidone

Therapy interventions

This disorder is sometimes called “the little professor” syndrome, as children with this diagnosis do not show the intellectual delays associated with autism. Also, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Autistic Adults.

It is known that people with aspergers are have unbelievable skills with some of the following:

  • Memory - especially rote memory
  • Superior academic skills
  • Visual thinking
  • Recognizing order and following rules
  • Have passion and conviction
  • Comfort and compatibility with adults rather than children
  • There symptoms can be "strengths" than problems

Future of Aspergers

People with aspergers can learn to live a normal life. No the symptoms will never fade away or any type of treatment will fix this disorder. The children that have it will just have to go through a type of therapy. Another thing that I think parents need to do to help there kids make a life for themselves is recognize there is a problem.

Research being done

One group is testing the hypothesis that, like autism, Asperger’s exhibits neurological differences in brain composition, both chemically and physically. They are applying functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology to scan for any differences from the average human brain.

Research by another scientific group is looking at the use of an antidepressant for treatment of the OCD qualities of Asperger’s. It is thought that if the drug proves effective, it would provide both the Asperger’s children as well as their parents with some relief from these extreme compulsive behaviors.


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