Central African Republic

By: Isabela Zuniga

Quick Summary

The crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR) has been extremely overlooked ever since the outbreak of Ebola in surrounding countries. Ever since the Ebola outbreak, the Seleka, an anti-government militia mainly made up of Muslims, has terrorized the citizens of the Central African Republic. The reason that the Seleka is terrorizing the CAR's government is because they felt as if they were being forgotten or “who felt they’d been sidelined for their religion." They went on killing sprees and slaughtered those who did not agree with their system. In retaliation, the anti-balaka formed; the anti-balaka is a group mostly made up of Chrisitans. They immediately expanded throughout the Central African Republic and was looking to annihilate every single Muslim. This is mainly a religious war between the government, the Seleka, and the anti-balaka.

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Civilians protest against the war between the Seleka, anti-balaka, and the government

General Facts and Solutions

The main opponents in this conflict are the government, the Seleka, and the anti-balaka. If it were not for the Seleka attacking the inncocent civilians, the anti-balaka would not have joined and caused an even bigger war. A major problem that is present is that no other country is helping, which is why it was placed fifth as the U.N.'s most underfunded appeal. These rebel groups are using terrorism and massacre's to fight for what they believe is right. The main cause of the war was that the Seleka believed that they were being forgotten because of their religion. The Seleka felt as if they were not wanted due to their religion. In terms of trying to stop the war, not many measures have been taken so far. So many civilians have been displaced and not one country has done anything about it. A main reason why no one is doing anything is because there is not a lot of media coverage on the situation. Most people do not even know that the conflict is going on. With that being said, a solution would be to media blast the conflict so people are more aware. This will allow other countries and organizations like the U.N. and the United States to go to CAR and give them aid.

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