An issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society.

Explore an issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society.

In the documentary Super-Size Me by Morgan Spurlock, there were many issues presented that are currently affecting contemporary society. One of the many that I instantly noticed that is a major issue and it was is when Morgan was testing the children with pictures and they had to guess who it was they were not very intelligent with their history. They had Wendy from a take away place which most of them new, there was George Washington which hardly any of them new then after him there was Ronald McDonald and they all guessed him right and new where he was from and then finally Morgan showed them all one picture that none of them knew and it was Jesus. I was extremely surprised that out all of them they didn’t know who Jesus the son of God, a man that could perform miracles and who died and fasted for us and is why we are here living a good life in this world, However they knew a fictional character who is made up, isn’t real and works at for a McDonalds fast food restaurant who is making children obese these days. On top of this the children do not even know their national anthem which is one of America’s pride.

I feel like children are not being educated enough in today’s society and they should know more about the past and history of where they come from and who they are. Kids in America are becoming more obese than ever now because of the population of McDonalds stores and because they role model and love Ronald they think McDonalds must be good for you since he entertains them and they do not know or care the side effects of eating McDonalds or any fast food restaurant.

McDonalds and fast food helps many people become obese and now obesity has become the second leading cause of death in America with 400000 deaths per year which is horrible since McDonalds is helping this happen. Children should be taught about this is school so when they are older they make the right decisions and do not add to that number.

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