The Oneida nation

Meaning:People of the Standing Stone

Past History

The Oneida lived in New York state. The Oneida had to live in a house that had 60 or more people in it.

Present History

The Oneida  live in New York, Wisconsin, Ontario, Canada. The oneida can't understand some of us.


The Oneida eats: corn, beans, squash, wild berries, herbs, deer, elk.


Oneida  Men wore beech clothing with leggings.Oneida   Women wore wrap around skirts with shorter leggings.  all Oneida wore moccasins.


The Oneida lived in long houses that could hold 60 people or more in it. They were made of elm bark.


The Oneida made axe's, bow's,  arrows, spears,buckets,knives,hammers,made of wood.


The Oneida played with dolls.The Oneidas game where they would try to trow a dart in a moving hoop.

Interesting facts

The Oneidas played drums and flutes for music.They told Oneidas legends and fairytales. They are know for  mask carving.(yah-wanh)means thank you.



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