Corning's Brand Story

Professor Aron Darmody
March 5, 2014

Andrew, Mohamed, Kendra, & Ngoc

Corning Incorporated is a glass and ceramic manufacturer for the world. With its technologies, Corning invents and sells their own product and has built their way up to be a world leader for this industry. Starting back to over 160 years ago, they do not shy away from new ideas which is why they have superb segments for display technologies, environmental technologies, telecommunications, life sciences, and specialty materials.

Brand story


- Corning is the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics

- We invent, manufacture, and sell keystone components that enable high-technology systems

- We have succeeded for more than 160 through:

    o Sustained investment in R&D

    o Deep materials science and process engineering knowledge

    o A highly collaborative culture


Addressing customer needs at various levels of segmentation, Corning’s has been able to put a more focuses effort into building the value-added, leading innovator image for the company itself.

The company focuses on five vital market segments:

- Display Technologies – glass substrates for LCD flat panel televisions, computer monitors, laptops, and other consumer electronics

- Environmental Technologies – ceramic substrates and diesel filters for emission control systems

- Telecommunications – optical fiber, cable, and hardware and equipment for telephone and Internet communication networks

- Life Sciences – glass and plastic labware, as well as lable-free technology, media, and reagents for cell culture, genomics and bioprocessing applications

- Specialty Materials – cover glass for consumer electronics, advanced optics, and specialty glass solutions for a number of industries.

Corporate Strategy:

Corning has aligned their culture and leadership approach

- Deliver near-term performance while investing for future growth

    o Drive operational excellence across all businesses and functions

    o Nurture early stage research and innovation

    o Select and pace promising projects

    o Decide when to place major investments on new products

    - Consistent leadership with deep understanding of our innovation recipe and business model


A Day Made of Glass!


Corning has utilized content marketing at its cornerstone to not just provide information about their company but to inspire. They have 129 videos on YouTube and the most popular has reached more than 24 million viewers.

They made different video versions of "A Day Made of Glass" and this has been highly successful for the company. The original is totally made to inspire and really depict all the possibilities that human beings could be interacting with their technology in itself.

Quality: Total Quality demands continuous improvement in all our processes, products, and services.

Integrity: We have earned the respect and trust of people around the world through more than a century of behavior that is honest, decent, and fair.

Performance: We have earned the respect and trust of people around the world through more than a century of behavior that is honest, decent, and fair.

Leadership: Our history and our culture impel us to seek a leadership role in our markets, our multiple technologies, our manufacturing processes, our management practices, and our financial performance.

Innovation: We embrace the opportunities inherent in change, and we are confident in our ability to help shape the future.

Independence: It fosters the innovation and initiative that has made our company great, and will continue to provide inspiration and energy to all parts of our network in the future.

The Individual: Corning believes in the fundamental dignity of the individual. Our network consists of a rich mixture of people of diverse nationality, race, gender, and opinion, and this diversity will continue to be a source of our strength.

A company valuing quality in performance and supporting new ideas from all individuals.

This video provides value to any audience because its shows what is possible in just few years. The company is using here a powerful psychological concept called Transportation. This video makes it easy for the audience to transcend their own worlds and be transported into the characters' world. This process scalps the emotion of any person watching this video and allows them to dream and image what it is to come.

Corning use of content marketing doesn't stop there. They made a longer version of this video where they expose and explain all the potential of their glass products. For instance: photovoltaic ceilings, fiber optic glass, 3D optimized glass, wall format display glass, work surface glass...

They went further to make another video that collected the reviews and ideas of High school students as testimonials.

Their newest product: Gorilla Glass!

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