February  Conference

made by :Izabell Rose  Armendariz Gonzalez


I got 589 on my SRI score I am not good at the SRI score .

I am not in my grade level again .

I got 12/12 on my  vocab on the first try I got 1/12 that was bad.

On my dust of snow I got 3/10 that was the worst thing.

On my Let it Snow I got 4/11.

I got 50% on the Martin Luther king Jr. theme.

Im doing good in Lexia  in the mornings.

Im never late to Lexia in the morning.


I got a 2 on my Colorado persuasive essay.

I got 3 on my Settlers and Indians. I did a great that.

I got a 2 on my NewsELA  that good but I can do better on it.I also need to put topic sentence, and a conclusion.


I got a 10/10 on my long division  test.

I got a 3/5 on my Multiply and division with 0 and elapsed time (5) .

I got  3/5 on my unknown numbers in an equation (5).

I got a 1/4  on the greater ,less, equal to 1/2 .

I got 100% on my adding and subtract fractions.

I got 9/10 on my reducing fractions into simplest forms.

I got 23/28 on my Unit 7 multi-digit division (28).

Im on my 10 in my minute time testing.


SS and science

I got 13/18 on my (Gold Rush,Settler,American Indians.

I got a 16/30 on my (Incentives,Economics choices,Goods and Services.


I made lots of friends this year at recess.

I also got in some agreements to with my friends too.

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i happy because I'm happy