My name is Zelal , i'm 14 years old . I live in Rennes .I study in college Rosa Parks.

I made an internship of week to an optitien.

In the morning I begun at the 9 am and I ended at noon I had a break a 2 hours , then I reprenné in 14heure to finish finally at the 5 pm.

There were 5 people who worked to Atol.

There was Laura who was very kind, there was Carine who she was a little stricter, there was Mathilde who was also kind and manon who was a trainee.There were many customes.

I liked making windows and I also liked cleaning windows ,I do not still know what I am going to make but this job helped me in even the échanche that there are avev the customers.

I like job in lezs laboratories, the chemistry consernent.

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