Exploration Proposal

England goes for the gold

I propose that...

Henry vii (king of England),                                                                             BCE 1500

           I have a proposal to make, I say that you choose me to go on this dangerous expedition to the new world. Unlike all the other un-heroic adventurers I, Ankita Adhvaryu of Spain, will face the dangers with a brave crew and never back down. Much of the obstacles we shall face will be difficult to fight for the weak, but we will raid other ships for treasure and food if we must. If gold and other natural resources are the things you need, then don't hire amateurs to deliver what they call "small fortunes". I will drop barrels after barrels, and chests after chests, all spilling with rich, untouched, gleaming gold, and useful natural resources that will make you richer beyond your wildest dream. If there is mutiny, then beforehand I will hire spies to kill or threaten crew members that have an obvious grudge against working on the ship. If there is a lack of food, we will raid other ships for food and their treasure as well. The natives already living in that area will all be treated fairly and their speeches will be translated, that way it will cause less war and more compromise and trading. As for the bad navigation tools, I am well educated unlike much of your applicants that are applying for this job. With my brain, I will be able to lead the ship to land, wealth, and victory. Spices, gold, precious minerals, and anything else that is valuable could be yours. I personally, will be searching for gold and other precious minerals, but I know that you are looking for gold, natural resources, land, and spices. Fear not, I will conquer wealth and power for you. I especially chose to bring back jewels that way I will be recognized for my doing with a gift. Our enemies, the French and Spanish, are competing for wealth and power as well. They will do anything to claim the land from us that we we'll find in this new continent, as they also at the moment are exploring. I'll enter the new land through the east and explore westward. If I enter through a different side, the French and Spanish will both make my boat explode. Click yes if you agree to take my service. If not, good luck finding someone to adventure for you.


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