GBS Enterprises

Sleep Accessories and Premium Warranty Coverage

A Florida-based provider of the highest-quality sleep accessories, GBS Enterprises offers such products as Allergy Sentry mattress encasements. These have been laboratory-proven to prevent bedbug and dust mite access to mattresses. Waterproof and with a breathable back, the product is ideal for homeowners and those who maintain hotels and other businesses. GBS Enterprises offers a broad spectrum of items, including sheet sets and fabric protectors.

Another aspect of GBS Enterprises’ value-added offerings is its line of dedicated furniture warranty programs, which include ECO Series plans that span three to five years. Set forth in straightforward language, these plans cover specified damage from everyday household use, including stains and odors. The company handles a full complement of administrative functions related to claims, including validation, and the expedited dispatch of experienced in-home technicians who undertake inspection and repairs.

GBS Enterprises also offers a premium Protect All Plan that lasts as long as a full decade and provides added protection for all exigencies. The firm strives to ensure a proper balance of security, competitive pricing, and coverage in ways that ensure home and business owner peace of mind.