Overcoming Your Greatest Fears

By Claire Rottman

After the bomb was dropped, the few uninjured people were looking around them in shock. They had to overcome their fear of blood and gore an help thousands of dying people laying near them.

The only way to overcome your fears is to experience them first hand.

Hiroshima, Japan
the stench of decaying bodies
the aroma of blood
the smell of smoke

A motherless child
with her father at war
all her siblings dead
with no place to go

bodies lay all around
the city reduced to ashes
shadows of the dead left to view
no standing homes visible for miles

they destroyed everything we had
our homes
our families
even us, we are the living dead

If I would have been able to provide assistance to survivors of the Hiroshima bomb dropping, I would have helped build shelters and provide food and water. I would also care and nurse as many people as I could- clothing, bathing, and caring for them, especially the children.

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2 years ago

love the song, poem isnt as bad as i thought it would be😄

2 years ago

Nice poem and the video is great

2 years ago

Great poem Claire, I really love the last line. Great job!😄

2 years ago

I really like your poem. Your theme is very different. Great Job😄

2 years ago

Good joB!!