Drugs are a bummer!!!

This the cannabis plant.A.k.A Ma

drugs are a bummer.

Why you shouldn't do drugs is they may say it's "cool"  but in reality it's not because later in life you'll have no job, no home etc.... Also some time ago I  lost my aunt to drugs that's why i'll never do drugs.  A drug known as Marijuana  contains a chemical named THC. It's also known as the gate way drug. If you smoke Marijuana a tell-tale sign is the "Munchies".  Marijuana is the most widely used drug  because it'probably the easiest to obtain. If you are caught you could go to jail. if you smoke Marijuana it can still cause cancer because you're still smoking a plant. It will also cause paranoia. And if you smoke during your pregnancy it will cause birth defects.   I hope you heed this warning of the dangers of drugs.

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