Ancient Japam art and culture

Ancient Japanese wore many beautiful clothes the women wore silk robes and gold jewelry. Women wore long gowns with 12 layers to show off many layers at once to complete their outfits, nobles often carried delicate decorative fans. These fans had flowers, trees, and birds. In Literature Japanese took care of how they wrote, they chose very care words to make their writings beautiful.The women wrote diaries and journals about lives at court. The women wrote in Japanese and men wrote in Chinese. Their art is very unique. In their paintings, the nobles of Heian liked bright and bold colors. They also liked paintings that illustrated stories. Another form of art  in Heian was calligraphy, or decorative writings. Their performing arts were performances by musicians, jugglers, and acrobats. Modern Japanese art include manga or cartoon. The modern fashion consists of traditional and modern styles which is none as streets fashion. While I was in Japanese for a convention I saw a lot of street fashion it so beautiful and different. I also visited one of there most famous art museum I saw a lot of paintings and illustrated paintings with bright and bold colors. Me stay there was so amazing that I would go back anytime.

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