Apps for a K-12 Classroom

5 Apps to use in the classroom

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

This is an app for iPad that allows students to create their own video presentations with photos, videos, and voice-over features. It also allows them to write directly on the screen to highlight important features on their project.

This could be used in science class for students who created insulated houses out of shoeboxes and cotton balls. They could take a photo of the house, create a voice-over explaining how they created the house and why they insulated it the way they did, and draw on the photo to point out various spots of insulation. They could then present this to the class.


This is an app that allows you to create original music tracks with a variety of instruments and voice capabilities.

This could be used in junior high and high school music classes. Students could be assigned to create a completely original track using the app.

Provinces and Territories of Canada

This is a free App that allows you to see all the provinces and territories of Canada with each of their flags.

This could be used in social studies as a review tool for students before a quiz on the provinces and territories.

MathBoard Addition

This App acts as a practice tool for students learning addition.

This could be used for students who need extra practice in addition before a quiz or when there is extra time in the class.


This is an App that allows you to create a mind map and connect their ideas in a visual way.

This could be used in almost any subject area. Students could be assigned a topic and have to use the App to create a mind map of everything they know about the topic and how each point is connected.

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