Implications of
"Three Billy Goats Gruff".

By: Tyreik Battle

Here is the picture of the "Three Billy Goats Gruff" I am about to start my inferences.

My inference of this picture is that these are the Bill Goat Gruff's the small, the medium, and the Big Billy Goat. There are three Goats trying to cross a bridge to eat some grass. And they will be interrupted by an mean, ugly Troll.

In the story the first goat says he doesn't want to be eaten so he tells the troll about the middle goat. So my inference is that he ratted out his middle goat, cause he did not want to be eaten to pieces.

This is not the exact picture I was looking for, but the inference of the middle goat was that he sold out the middle goat. He told the troll about the big goat. That told me he didn't want to be eaten and he didn't care about his brother being eaten.

This picture shows me that the Big Billy Goat is not afraid of the Troll. The troll said he was going to eat him and the Big Goat said Lets's Get It On. The Big Billy Goat knocked down the Troll and he was never seen again. That's what the story says.

All of the Billy Goats crossed the bridge safely without any harm. The troll did not eat them . They were able to eat the grass like they wanted to. That is my inference of this picture.

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