How to Plan the Best Sleepover Ever


Step1.First ask your mom if you can have friends over.  If they say yes move on if they say  no please stop.Not birthday invitations.


Step 2. When they get there play some games. Like board games like Trouble or Sorry or games like tag. If you are playing games like tag in the house ask your parents first.

Set -up

Step 3.When your done with games set-up your  bed with blankets and pillows where there is a enough room and there's a TV and toys.

Food and Drink

Step 4.Then ask your mom to make  some popcorn and had the stuff you and your guest want.If your guest or you wold like ask  your mom to make some.


Step 5.Go lay in your bed that you made with your guest and ask mom or dad to turn on a movie where your sleeping and watch it.Then turn off the TV. Then go to sleep.


Step 6.Usually mom or dad comes and picks your guest up in the morning.So ask mom or dad to pick up donuts from the doughnut shop and have a drink, like orange juice.


Step 7.Play some more games when your done with breakfast They might have left by this time.So enjoy the rest of your day.

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