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Social Mavericks (www.socialmavericks.com) is a unique, one-of-a-kind concept that - for now - has no direct competitors offering the same services. This could be a valuable advantage, but it is far from a home-run. We compete with indirect competitors with better access to our customer base (charity foundations and government entities).

Our ambition is to become a leading company in the global Social Impact Market ($200+ billion). To achieve this we need to partner up with Big Money Players who Think Big & Act Big. But people like Richard Branson are at the top-of-the-food-chain. Social Mavericks is the bottom. Our strategy is to climb up the ladder to Top.

Success demands that we need to be near-perfect. Right now, we are not perfect. The concept is strong enough, but the 1+ team is unacceptable for investors and ... clients. Our next challenge is to build up a strong team of advisers.

My dear friends, I am proud of what we have achieved thus far with no resources whatsoever. But the adventure continues. I will update you monthly on our adventurous journey.

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Social Mavericks is a TribeQa Group Initiative

April 2015 - Volume I.