Amazon River Rainforest

Jayla Brown , Duray Farris
Holli Hyche , Cruz Burton


The Tropical Rainforest has the highest population of birds. In the rainforest there are usmall mammals, insects , and bats . There are a large variety of fish such as piratical , Tambagui, and piraruca. There are many monkeys the Brazil Golden Lion ,Tamarin is a rare monkey in the Amazon rainforest

Clothes to wear in the Amazon

The things you need to wear in the Amazon rainforest is loose fitting cotton clothing.they wear warm clothes during the night. For footwear your supposed to wear comfortable rubber boots for hiking jungle boots,socks,long camoflauged pants that tie around the ankles are what you are supposed to wear you are supposed to also wear long sleeve shirts gloves.

In he Amazon Rainforest is in the tropical it is very humid because of the rainfall which is about 250cm per year. The tropical rainforest is classified as AF meaning tropical rainforest. A is given to tropical climates that are moist for all months which have average which temperatures.


The Amazon is located in the high mountains of Peru. A great hotel to go to are the Ariau Amazon Towers. The Ariau Amazon Towers are the biggest hotels in the Amazon. The Serra Do Divisor National Park was created through the decree of February 17th, 2005. It covers an astounding area of 445,392 hectares. It consists of mountains,vegetation,and rivers. Making the perfect place to go. The Manu Wilderness expands over the surrounding Manu Biosphere Reserve and expands to the East in the Manu Lowlands,Peru. It has 1,000 species of birds, over 200 kinds of mammals, 13 types of monkeys, a lot of butterflies, 15,000 kinds of flowers and plants. The Olympic National Park has mountain vistas,meadows of beautiful wildflowers, and colorful ocean tide pools. You can also hike, go canoeing,go climbing, swim in lakes, walk through the Amazon, take tours, shop for things at giftshops, go to zoos, and go to campfires.


the bark in the amazon rainforest helps to limit moisture evaporation. The smoothness of the bark may also make it difficult for other plants to grow. Lianas are climbing woody vines that drape rainforest trees. The leaves of forest trees have adapted to cope with exceptionally high rainfall. Many large trees have massive ridges near the base that can rise 30 feet high before blending into the trunk. Prop and stilt roots help give support and are characteristic of tropical palms growing in shallow,wet sails. Brome lianas are found almost exclusively in America.

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