How does Wreck it ralph relate to a heroes journey?

                                                            HOME CULTURE

In Wreck it Ralph , Ralph has a home culture like any other hero would and it is the game known as ''Fix It Felix Jr.''.  This is where Ralph lives and where he calls home.

                                                              CALL TO ADVENTURE

Ralph wants to be recognized and wants to get a medal for being good at wrecking things. he thinks that he is a big part of the game so he would like to be rewarded just like Felix.

                                                       REFUSAL TO THE CALL

In the picture Ralph is telling them how he wants to be recognized and at the end of the support group ralph is told '' don't go Turbo on us'' and he agrees to stop his nonsense about turning good.

                                                            SUPERNATURAL AID

This part in the movie Ralph is handed a gun that kills cy-bugs and he has to kill a lot of them in order to get his medal but he first needs to learn how to work with his suit and fire arm.

                                                CROSSING THE  FIRST THRESHOLD

Ralph has to overcome the fact that he needs to climb the tree and get his medal before Vanellope gets to it. He has never been to Candy Crush so he doesn't know about the double striped trunks or what happens when you  touch one.

                                                                    ROAD OF TRAILS

In this scene ralph is standing up for Vanellope although she stole his medal. Ralph is showing more of his character whish is that he is a nice guy and he just simply wants be good.

                                                MEETING A SOUL MATE             

Ralph and Vanellope work together so they could both get what they want and this is how Vanellope becomes a soul mate in the movie  for Ralph. Ralph gets his medal back and Vanellope gets to race.

                                                 OVERCOMING TEMPTATION  

The sour patch in the movie is also some what a part of the evil plan of not letting Vanellope race. He later admits he doesn't remember much because he got his memory erased by King Candy.

                                       VIEWING THE WHOLE PICTURE  

Ralph is now noticing that without his part he wont get his medal back so he decides to help Vanellope build a cart and he is now just waiting for her to win the race so the could be even.

                                                  THE ULTIMATE GOAL  

Ralph noticed how hes not the only one that was lonely and that Vanellope just wants to fit in like him . When he realizes this Vanellope is feeling thankful for all the trouble she put him through and he still helped her, so she made him a little medal.

                                                  REFUSING TO RETURN  

Ralph now has to fight off Turbo because turbo got mad since he got Vanellope to race and to almost pass the race line in first place.

                                                         THE CHASE  

Ralph is trying to make a light so all the cy-bugs wont attack Vanellope and so the wont ruin all the games. He is trying to hit the volcano so the baking soda could hit the pepsi.

                                                        THE RESCUE

Ralph is in danger and its all to help Vanellope so that she wont get stuck in the game since shes a '' Glitch''. He went through a lot with Vanellope and now he wont let her go so easily.   

                                   CROSSING THE RETURN THRESHOLD

Not only does Ralph have to face the invasion of the cy-bugs but also of turbo popping out to be king candy.

                                                      MASTER OF TWO WORLDS

Ralph now has two homes , Vanellope told him that he could go to sugar rush whenever he wants to. Ralph is forced to go back home or else they were going to end the game and unplug it.

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