Many homophobic people believe God is against same sex relationships. But God also believes in equality, love and being nice to each other. In this picture is a man at a Gay Pride parade. The sign says "God Loves Gays." recently i watched a vevo video by Demi  Lovato and in the beginning she says "I don't know about you but my God loves all" recently I have noticed many teens are either against or accepting of gay relationships.but the question is why? Most people will answer you with "it's not right." OR "the bible says it's wrong." But, can they give a better answer?

I recently read some of this article and even though I already support it, I realized what being accepted as gay is really about. It's about being equal and being able to do what everyone else does.


1.A person is said to be homosexual if he or she is sexually or romantically attracted to members of the same gender, or sex

2.No one knows why some people are homosexual. Some people who study human sexuality believe that sexuality is a result of genetics, social or individual factors, alone or in combination. A common misperception is that troubled family relationships cause people to be homosexual, but no scientifically sound research supports this myth.

3.This doesn't mean that homosexuals are sexually attracted to all members of the same gender any more than heterosexuals are sexually attracted to every person of the opposite sex.

4.The process of telling people about one’s homosexuality is often referred to as coming out. The phrase "in the closet" is sometimes used to describe a person who’s gay but who hasn't acknowledged it yet to friends and family members.

5.Typically, the words “gay” and “lesbian” are used to refer to homosexual men and women. The term “bisexual” refers to people who are attracted to both men and women.

Why is being gay shameful to most teens who are themselves homosexual?

Well most homosexuals feel the need to "stay in the closet" especially as a teen, Mainly because people can be rude, hateful and harm people who are different. They are also afraid of rejection from people who are close to them such as friends, family,  mother and father, perhaps grandparents and many other people. Teens everywhere are hiding their sexuality because of hate and rejection. Same sex marriage is legal in several different areas including Washington D.C and California.

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