let's break all the rules

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All rules and laws are not necessary because you don't  them in your life, some rules needs to be broken such as seeing color in life only Jonasis the giver can see color in life. All rules’ and laws are not fair in life because you can’t feel anything such as love, hate , sadness. They think they feel things  but they don't . You also can only have two babes and you can also pick your own lover you have to apply for one. Do you know what happens if you don't flow these rules you get released or a smack on the hand for breaking small rules. In the story the old is happy to get released,but in the real world no one wants to die. Not all consequences are fair like teaching your little brother or your little sister how to rider his or hers bike and get in trouble for small things. All rules and laws could change but the chances are real slim you might can change small rules but the big rules will not change, such as seeing color or get to have seasons that will not change. They can't be change because they wont a perfect place to live so the have those rules for there community.      

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