My Best Summer

By: Kelli Diaz

This summer I had a lot of fun with friends and family and even got to meet new people. I began my summer by going to the premiere of The fast and furious 6. That was Hands down one of the best movies ever! It was a great experience getting to go watch that with all of my girlfriends. Especially since we all had a great time.

Another great thing that happened this summer is that I turned 18. Yes im finally legal ! My family threw me small birthday party. we all had a great time and enjoyed some birthday cake and desserts. It was an unforgettable birthday celebration.

Besides turning 18 and being able to buy my first lottery ticket I also got a chance to go canoeing over at Winamac.  It was pretty exciting and fun. Fourth of July was also very fun with my Family. Making bonfires and cooking some smores.

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