BY: Gavin

Back in 1930 16 year old boy George Nissan invented the trampoline. Where could I put a trampoline? Good question you could put it in your backyard a gym or a floor in your house and many more places. How to do a back flip. Jump high and step back, throw your body back and then land it. I have two in my basement and one in my neighbor’s yard. A lot of people have them all across the globe. Sometimes me and my brother fight on the trampoline. So my mom makes me and my brother get off. My mom says “get off boys”. We always tell her we are being normal we have to find something else to do instead of play on the trampoline. so we usually sneak downstairs and jump on our trampolines and jump on them. There are a lot of things you can do on a trampoline. There are a lot of things you can do on the trampoline such as back and front flips and games you make up or see online you like or want to learn how to play. George Nissan used a kangaroo on the trampoline before he went on so the kangaroo could show him what I did so he didn't get hurt himself. If George Nissan wasn't alive there wouldn't be a trampoline.