1.) Ganges River:  Hindi Ganga, great river of the plains of northern India; the holy river of Hinduism

Ladakh: divided between Pakistan and India; contains the Ladakh Range and the upper Indus River Valley

Kerala Backwaters: a network of waterways, inlets, estuaries, lakes, and natural canals connecting coastal towns

2.) Taj Mahal: epitome of Mughal art; dedicated to the wife of Shah

Lotus Temple: built in the shape of a lotus flower; made up of pure white marble; around the blooming petals, there are nine pools of water that light up in natural light

The Red Fort: reminder of the magnificent power and pomp of the Mughal emperors; walls designed to keep out invaders, but now keep out the noise and confusion of the city

3.) Hotels- The Oberoi, Bangalore, $174

Justa Mg Road, Bangalore, $68

Springs Hotel and Spa, Bangalore $38

4.) Subway- sub sandwiches

Pizza Hut- Pizza

All American Diner- french fries, waffles, and cheesecake

5.) N/A

6.) Olympic sport: Beach Volleyball

Places to hold event- Golden Beach Resort, Dolphin Bay Beach, Sugati Beach Resort

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