John Lennon

Date: December 8,1980

Location: New York at the Sheraton Centre Hotel.

Time: 11:15


He was one of the most successful songwriters along with Paul McCartney.

John Lennon was a member of the infamous Beatles.

John remarried to his second wife Yoko and had a son he named Sean.

The day of his death he just returned from Hawaii and was working on his new album 'Double Fantasy'.

In the 1970's he outspoke opposition to the Vietnam War and the Nixon Administration.

Born: October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

He was most associated with New York City.

Why: At first Mark Chapman was a fan of the Beatles. Later, there was an article where Lennon was quoted saying "Were more popular than Jesus." Chapman became depressed and suicidal. Chapman read the book 'John Lennon: One Day at a Time',by Anthony Fawcett. This made Chapman angry about the hypocrisy of his former idol, who preached about simplicity, peace, and love. He wanted him to stop lying to the world so he had to put an end to it.

History: It ruined millions of peoples lives and the Beatles was never the same again.

Assassin - Mark Chapman

Assassins Fate - He pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to life in prison.


He admired the Beatles especially John Lennon.

His father was in the air force and he had a strong faith in god.

The reason he stopped admiring Lennon was because he said in an interview that "Were more popular than Jesus Christ."

His wife divorced him and he ended up spending all of his savings to go to Hawaii to commit suicide.

He couldn't do it so he took what he had left and went to kill John.

He worked alone.

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Mark David Chapman after his conviction.

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