Jeremy's music=life lesson


In this tackk I will be talking about. . . you guessed it, ME! And what I currently like in my young 13 year old life.


for me no music =no life

When I put my headphones on and crank up my music, it feels as if I have no worry in the world. I just feel like singing and dancing (and I have to admit, some times play the air instrument from the song. :D) Music is my passion and my inspiration for when I grow up.

this is one of those songs that for me is always stuck in my brain and I can nod my head up and down the whole song. I don't know why, but I think its because to me the music is so awesome and catchy.

This song is so inspirational for me because when ever I just feel like giving up on my dream or just feel like its too hard and I cant continue on it, I listen to this song and remember how bad he had his young life. but he did whatever it took him to succeed and he did. so then that's when I get off my donkey (if you get what im saying) And proceed on my dream (P.S. sorry for all the cuss words in the song)

now don't get me wrong. I love listening to music but I also love playing music( preferably the baritone saxophone) and I don't just play in school, I also play at my church. I will probably do anything to play my instrument even if its not in the school band. I just love music <3

best show ever! ^

p.s. probably the most funniest and best movies out there.

Well there you go. Good bye everybody

p.s.s. this one too ^

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