what if i was in the group who was bullying a boy?

would would i do if i would fell bad that i was in this group. i would tell them to take the blog down and tell them to stop teasing people they could get hurt.I'f they do not do that i will not be apart of their group any more.

I would try to help the boy that they are messing with tell their parents Whats going on and what their doing to people that don't fit in and hopefully they will stop.

writing two-what would you and your friends do if to stop bullying

1.if we where there and saw bullying and did nothing about it the bully would probable think that we where scared and bully us.

2.some things we would do is tell a teacher,tell a parent,tell there parent,and tell the principle.

3.if we stud up for our classmate we would change the school by teling every body to speak up and tell bullies to stop.

4.i would say to the bullies is to stop and think about what you are doing because it make some one fell school and ruin their life.

we can make our school safer a better place if we