Profits or Ethics?

How do you feel about these issues?

If there is one issue about unethical Business that 'gets your goat' what is it? Discuss in pairs for 5 mins!

Who has the most influence over the behaviour of a Business? Government, Customers or Pressure Groups? Discuss in pairs again for another 5 mins!

Focussing only on Pressure Groups, what do you think they do exactly?

Going back to an issue that 'gets your goat' or bothers you in any way, research pressure groups and find out if you could get involved (maybe actually do just that... if you want)?

15 mins

Stuck? Need inspiration? How about this for an example of something to get involved in...

Let's take the side of big Business now and identify why some choose not always to do the right thing...

First, watch this piece of recent news...

Two key follow-up questions for discussion -

1) Why did VW try to cheat the emissions tests? What did they gain from it?

2) If you were CEO of VW today, what would you be doing about this enormous scandal?

Let's put all our learning together with an 'exit quiz' now (10 mins)...

Computers or Mobiles at the ready!