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About GCS Egypt

Founded in 2001, Global Consulting Services and Software Development (GCS) is an international software services firm with locations in Egypt and the United States. The company specializes in providing customized systems development, systems maintenance, and IT consulting services. Major projects recently undertaken by GCS Egypt include developing a new online portal for the Middle East News Agency. The new portals enable the agency to securely manage news, user contribution pieces, photos, videos, and sales initiatives. Beyond its ongoing partnership with the Middle East News Agency, the firm has recently developed partnerships with prominent corporations including Ernst & Young, Renaissance Partner Group, Carlisle & Company, the American University in Cairo, and Microsoft.

Global Consulting Services and Software Development employs an accomplished team of information technology experts and software consultants. Over the course of the firm’s history, GCSSD has consistently upheld an ambitious commitment to helping each client achieve long-term business development goals. The firm is currently headquartered in California, USA.

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