Inferences of Hansel And Gretel
By: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Presentation By: Allison Taylor

But his wife told him he was a fool. "If you don't then we must all four starve to death." She said, "and you might as well plane down to the planks for our coffins at once."And she gave him no peace until he did as she said.

Inference- They were going to die because of starvation.        Pg.1

"I've heated the oven already, so you just get in, and see if it's burning properly"

Inference- The witch is trying to trap the little boy in the oven, and burn him to death.    Pg.19

"We've eaten everything in the house."

Inference- They have no food left.        Pg.8

"Stop making that noise, for it want do you a bit of good."

Inference- She is saying no one is going to hear him so he needs to stop making that noise.       Pg.19

"Well this looks good" Hansel said. "God bless our meal"

Inference- They are about to eat and they are asking God to bless their food.     Pg.11

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