Characteristics of the U.S. Economy

By Maddie Min (Pd. 6)

This picture depicts an ad for the Kindle Fire HDX tablet, stating that the Kindle is lighter than "Air" (the Ipad Air) in order to convince people to buy Kindles, not Ipads. Thus, this represents competition between sellers (Amazon and Apple), a characteristic of U.S. capitalism.

In this picture, a woman is buying food at a grocery store. The seller (the grocery store) is receiving money from the buyer, and the buyer is receiving food. Both the seller and buyer are willingly and freely exchanging the money and the food. Thus, this photograph represents voluntary exchange, an element of U.S. Capitalism.

This photograph depicts a large street sign, painted with words of different career and education choices. It is trying to convey the message that people have economic freedom and can choose from a variety of educations and careers. Thus, this photograph represents economic freedom, a characteristic of U.S. capitalism.

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