Technology Tuesday

March 11, 2014

ScratchWork app allows you/students to review a website and take notes simultaneously. It even allows for mathematical symbols and graphs (single plots or multiple plots on one plane)! Notes can be emailed as a PDF or plain text document.

Write About This app is a visual writing prompt that is customizable. Search by topic or have the app generate a random option for the recipient. You can upload your own images/text/audio to create your own writing prompts. Great for a writing station!

ICT Tools in the Classroom is a website shared by Brandon Dingler at CHS (Thanks Brandon!). Included on this site are how-to's for over 20 technology tools you can use in your classroom.

ThingLink is a great tool for use in your classroom. It works with computers and iPads, allowing you to link websites, images, text, and videos to a main image that collects all of the ideas together. Check out this ThingLink for Read Across America that Sharon Drake made. Hover over the colored dots found on the image to see any linked text, images, videos, websites, etc. Feel free to browse the ThingLinks already created by other educators!

MobyMax is a resource we have shared before, but it is a great resource for identifying gaps in skills for students in K-8. The site works with computers or iPads and allows you to track student progress (even with the free version). Reporting is limited in the free version, but you get what you pay for!

I usually use for these online flyers, however, they have started charging for flyers over 5 per account. I wanted to be sure that those of you who use Smore with students were aware of this new limitation.

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