The Hippie Movement in the 1960s was one of the biggest and most well-known Protest Movements in history. The dictionary defines a hippie as someone that rejects the status quo and refuses to conform to society's standards; this is exactly what an average hippie would do at this time.

Hippies rejected anything they considered mainstream and offered shelter to any passerby that looked okay and normal. Because of this, areas like San Francisco, where many hippies flocked to, had streets populated with dancing citizens, music, and an overall sense of freedom that the hippie counterculture believed could not be earned in normal society.

It was not uncommon for hippies to use drugs such as marijuana and cocaine to explore their subconscious self and learn who they are as a person.

Sexual Revolution

Because the Hippie Movement caused anyone involved to see the body as beauty and to become comfortable with have free sexual relations without being bonded by marriage. These movement was often referred to as "Free Love" because everyone who participated could freely participate in sex with anyone they wish to with consent.

Not even two decades ago, sex was seen as a sacred matter between husband and wife and was rarely talked about in public. Now with the Hippie Movement as prominent as it was, those who originally planned to wait until marriage began to become more free with their body and how they used this. This lead to rampant pregnancy throughout the hippies and many STD's spread due to lack of protection used to prevent it.

The body was beauty in this movement so nudity was a common sight. It was not uncommon for a make or female to be shirtless/pantless and going about there business. Anyone that had been a hippie long enough was comfortable with this and embraced it themselves as well.

Gay Liberation Movement

At this time, all kinds of movements were occurring. One of the newer and less publicized movements of the '60s was the Gay Liberation Movement. As you can imagine, no one was easily willing to let go of the image of what they thought the average American family should be: A wife taking care of the house all day and her family, the husband working to provide for his family, and the kids going to the school to get and education someday. Because of this, the sheer idea of a woman laying with a woman/ man with a man at this time was utterly preposterous to anyone who did not understand this at the time.

The main thing that differed from the Gay Liberation Movement from all other movements of the time is the fact that those that supported the Movement also supported all other movements too. They did not talk badly about those who were also trying to obtain freedom; in fact, they tried to help fellow activists.