Centennial Celebration!! ^_~

@ The Philippine Arena, Ciudad de Victoria

Celebrating 100 years of God's Blessings and Love! ^_^ <3

Day 1! :)   -  July 26, 2014

First spot to take a rest :
Lunch time! :D ( haggard faces but we never forget to SMILE :)
The view from our spot :))

Lakad lakad muna and picture picture @ the Philippine Arenaaa!!! :D

HAPPINESSSSS!!! ^_^ with friends - remela & richelle
The Stairways to Arena! :D
with kuya mark & richelle :P
The Body waves ~~~ LOL
The flaglets of different countries :))
The crowd at the front of the arena :)))
the middle view ^_^
the top view ^
#Groufie - on our way down from the arena :))
The HAPPINESSss near @ the fountain!! :")))
The view from our second spot until the Centennial celebration!! XD

Time to rest and save energy...but still taking shots! XP

Still SMILING =)))
With the brethrens at the back ^_~
Peace \/ the pose of my father :P
Late evening @ the front view of the Philippine arena :))
Our site for viewing the fireworks display!!! \m/ :D

The Fireworks Display!! \m/ #AAAAAWESOME


Day 2!! :D July 27,2014 ^_^

The most awaiting event of all the brethrens all over the world for celebrating the Centennial Anniversary of Iglesia Ni Cristo !!! ^o^

^_______^ <3 <3 <3 HAPPY HAPPY CENTENNIAL!!!! :D

Time for us to enter @ the  Philippine Arena!!! Yipeeee!! =)))

Selfie with my sister and richelle @ the lobby :)))
groufie pa more!! \m/
holding the big white ticket! <3
the stage with the crowd of brethrens :")) (nakuhanan tuloy si ate..hahah)
with richelle @ the left side of mine :P

MOREEE Groufie Pics!! \m/ :D

yeah \m/ XD
with my friends!!! :))))

Last Pictures before going home :")))

Goodbye Philippine Arenaaa!!! SEE ya SOon!! :D
Faith, Love, and Hope! :
Once again,,HAPPY CENTENNIAL!!!! =))))))))))

This is the most memorable, and happiest event ever that happened into my life! :)

Praise Be Unto GOD! ^_~

                                                                                                                      - Lovern Gersalina <3

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