SS CE Review

Democracy- when the government is ruled by the people

Direct Democracy- the people ultimately rule what happens within the country EX: Ancient Greece

Representative Democracy- citizens elect representatives to make choices on their behalf.     EX: USA  

Autocracy- political power is controlled by one individual

Monarch- Inherited power is passed down and one individual is the ruler EX: England

Absolute Monarch- One person has complete control EX: Brunei

Constitutional Monarch- Monarch that follows a particular constitution.  EX: United Kingdom

Dictatorship- when one person takes over with military force EX: Korea

Theocracy- all power is in god or a higher power. EX: Iran

Oligarchy- power is in the hands of a few people EX: India

Anarchy- there is no control, no power. EX: Yubia

Communism- all property is owned by the public and everyone is paid based on what they need and their ability.