Team Palmer Newsletter
Unit 6 Week 2
Topic 14 Math
Week of 3/30/15 - 4/3/15

Reading Our story this week is “Red, White, and Blue: The story of the American Flag”.

Amazing words – history, symbol, unfurl, allegiance, patriotic,

indivisible, independence

Vocabulary – America, freedom, stripes, birthday, nicknames, flag, stars

Comprehension Skills – Author’s Purpose Summarize

Spelling Words Mr. Mrs. St. freedom stars

Jan. Feb. Aug. stripes nicknames

Dr. Ms. Rd. birthday America

Oct. Nov. Dec. flag symbol

Math Topic 14: Adding and Subtracting Money

English Quotation Marks

Social Studies Chapter 5 – Our Nation Past and Present

Important Dates:

April 3, 2015: Easter Egg Hunt (Palmer @ 1:00 Scott @ 2:00)

April 1-3, 2015: PreK Registration

April 7, 2015: Kindergarten Registration Begins

***We would appreciate it if you could please send in 12 stuffed eggs for our egg hunt that will take place on April 3, 2015!!! THANKS!