Indian Reservation Living Conditions

By: Karolina Winstead, Sara Batt, Chancellor Blackwell

The Problem: The problem with Indian reservation living conditions is that they are not well funded.

What are Indian reservations? - An Indian reservation is an area of land that is specifically reserved for Indian tribes under an agreement with the United States. The federal government made the Indian reservations in response to previously relocating them before. Today there are about 310 Indian reservations in the U.S.

How are the living conditions? -The living conditions, according to “American Indian Relief Council, has been compared to Third World. Third World are countries still in the process of developing such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The lack of jobs and economic support are the main causes to poor living conditions. Incomes do not really exist other than social security checks, disability checks, and veteran’s checks. The homes in the Indian reservations are packed and considered “overcrowded”.

How much funding do they receive? -The Native Americans that live upon reservations receive free housing and government checks. Also, the Native Americans do not have to pay state tax in the reservation.  Each Native American has been promised education.

What ways would Indian reservations benefit from more funding? With more funding the native Americans could possibly help them to get a start on life. They could benefit from better school management. The funding is not the only problem with education though. Schools are a monopoly, in which the more the spending the lower the quality.

The Solution: "A Drive for Supply"- This will be an non-profit organization.

The Plan: Step 1: Get the organization authenticated.  Step 2: Set up a website for the organization that will inform others about the problem and accepts donations for the cause.   Step 3: Advertise through social media.  Step 4: Set up donation locations.  Step 5: Get sponsors who will help with the non-profit organization.  Step 6: Contact construction companies to see if they would volunteer their services to help reconstruct the Indian Reservations with the donations that we received.


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