Ron Silliman

August 5, 1946 - Present

An artist in the contemporary poem style known as "Language Poetry", Robert Silliman is one of the most influential figures in the contemporary styles of poetry. He has published over 30 poetry books, critical works, collaborations, and anthologies. He also started an ongoing weblog, Silliman's Blog, one of the most popular and visited contemporary weblogs of the 20th Century.

Excerpt from You

The breeze sucks the shade into the window's screen.

A wheeze in the garbage truck's brakes. Red and blue birds flash
in the trees. Fire flies flicker.

Lightning laces the sky. Error message. Real water boiling on a toy
stove. Anxious to start the double play too quickly, he closes the
glove before the ball is in it. Full moon smeared behind the scrim
of cloud.

Lilies shutting at dusk.

The dream gauged by depth and completeness.

The Wawa brutalizes the ice cream.

Roar of the crickets all through the night.